Sunday, October 23, 2011

Legion TD Mega 3.41.w3x is released

Legion TD Mega 3.41 is released ! !
  • Build towers to defend your team's King from attackers.
  • Each level, your towers become units and fight for you.
  • Harvest lumber with workers. Use lumber to buy summons to attack the other team and increase your income. Lumber can also be used to upgrade your team's King's stats.
  • Defeat the enemy King to win.
Game Mode :

Primary Mode:

-AP : All Pick - All players can pick any race.
-AP : All Random - All players are given a random race.
-SD : Single Draft - All players are given 2 random races to choose.
-HP : Host Pick - host pick a race, every given same race as host. 

Secondary Mode:
-mm : Master Mind - Restricted vision on enemy's map and information.
-hg : Hour Glass - Receive gold for enemy leaks (that reach the King).
-gg : Get Gold - Receive gold from kills at middle (near king).
-cb : Change Builder - You can pay to change to a new builder.
-li : Limit Incomer - Pure income is disabled untill lvl10+.
-X3 : 3 Time - more creeps spawn Default Mode: if you don't enter mode in 15 seconds after game start, it will use "-aphgggmmcbx3" as defualt mode.

Quick Mode: if mode string is 3 characters long, it will use Quick Mode. eg "-ap"
-AP = "-aphgggmmcbx3"
-SD = "-aplihgggmmcbx3"
-AR = "-aplihgggmmcbx3"
-HP = "-aplihgggmmcbx3" Short Mode: make mode shorter for Hostbot or player
"gm" = gg + mm
"gc" = gg +cb
"gl" = gg +li
"cl" = cb +li
(hg & x3 is default, don't need to type)

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